The general color of a pearl is also called the body color. Cultured pearls come in a variety of colors from rose to black. A pearl can also have a hint of secondary color, or overtone, which is seen when light reflects off the pearl surface. While the color of a pearl is really a matter of the wearer's preference, usually rose or silver/white pearls tend to look best on fair skins while cream and gold toned pearls are flattering to darker complexions.

  • Pink & Peach Color Pearls: Freshwater Pearls - Common Overtones include gold, aquamarine, rose and green
  • Lavender & Purple Color Pearls: Freshwater Pearls, Blue Akoya Pearls, Blue Tahitian Pearls, Silver-Blue White South Sea Pearls - Common Overtones include: cooler shades of green and Aquamarine, warmer shades of rose and gold

  • White Color Pearls: Freshwater Pearls, Akoya Pearls, South Sea Pearls - Common Overtones include: Silver-Bright white, Rose-Slightly Pink, Ivory/Cream

  • Golden Color Pearls: Golden South Sea Pearls - Common Overtones include: light Champagne to 24 karat golden tones

  • Black Color Pearls: Freshwater Pearl, Black Akoya Pearls, Tahitian Pearls - Common Overtones include: Copper, Aquamarine, Blue-Green, Rose, Green and Peacock (mixture of gold, green and rose)