For routine care, it’s best to wipe pearls with a very soft, clean cloth after each wearing.

  • Pearls should never be cleaned in an ultrasonic or steam cleaner.  It's safe to use warm, soapy water for occasional thorough cleaning (assuming that the nacre is in good condition).  If the pearls are strung, be sure the silk is completely dry before wearing.
  • Never store pearls in a plastic bag.  Plastic can emit a chemical that will damage the surface of the pearls.  The same is true of cotton wool.
  • Never store pearls in a safe deposit box for a long time. Like your skin, pearls need a little moisture so that they will not dry out.
  • Pearls can be damaged by many chemicals and all acids. The list includes hair spray, perfume, cosmetics, and even perspiration. Always apply perfume, hair products and cosmetics before putting on your pearl jewelry.

Remember: when dressing, pearls should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off.